Brief History of GCWD

The National Waterworks and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) was established in 1948, utilizing water source from groundwater (Deep well No. 4 & No. 5) and spring water source from “Kidisin”, at Sitio Pedlagahan, Brgy Santiago. Then in 1969, the City Government took over the management of the water supply system until the water system was turn-over to LWUA in 1974 for the creation of Gingoog City Water District, GCWD. Gingoog City Water District (GCWD) was created during the term of late Mayor Arturo S. Lugod, through a Municipal Board Resolution #253, on JULY 29, 1974.

After the creation of Gingoog City Water District the Local Water Utilities Administration or LWUA has issued a  Conditional Certificate of Conformance or CCC,  No. 025  for Gingoog City Water District. Franchising for its legal operations as the only water provider  for  all  the barangays of the City. This considerably expanded the coverage of the water supply system and changed the water distribution  to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week supply of water in Gingoog City.First Set of Board of Directors in 1974

  1. Engr. George Cane – Professional Sector
  2. Atty. Reynaldo Fernandez – Civic Sector
  3. Mr. Antonio Leonor  – Business Sector
  4. Rev. Pedro Ople – Religious Institution
  5. Miss Josefina Caballero  – Women’s Club

On April 28, 1978,  the  management  with the Board of Directors  signed the first Loan Contract with LWUA for P6,000,000.00. The project includes the rehabilitation of  the existing pumping stations  and, construction of  the transmission and distribution lines with the installation of chlorinating facilities. All facilities that formed part of the old system constructed in 1948 were abandoned paving the way for a completely new water system utility. During that time,  the District utilizes and extracts water only from Deep Wells and temporarily stopped the usage of “Kidisin Water Spring Source”.


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