As it geared towards giving water supply services to the drinking public, GCWD is also continuing its efforts to fulfill its vision and mission to serve waterless households at the remote areas within the city proper. The Board of Directors and Management feel the need to continues its water services to unreached areas with hundreds of population for their health and sanitation. In order to assure safe and potable water supply, the water district through Board Resolution Number 14, series of 2014 is requiring new applicants to execute first the sworn statements.

A separate document is already prepared by management to enforce a new concessionaire to waive the right to claim any damages against GCWD for any waterborne diseases that might be experienced in the future by any members, visitors and guests of the family new applicant intends to utilize another water source like; barangay water system, shallow or deep well or untreated water other than that GCWD source. As a government institution, water district is encouraging sensitivity towards responsible water usage so as to avoid possible unsafe water intrusion to the mains of water district which could somehow affect the health and saniation of the members of the household.


Engr. Danny Gabia
Admin/Gen. Services Div. Manager – C